Woodland Trails

A message from Barry Hardaker and Mike Wharrie regarding Woodland Trails:

The Greater Toronto Council regrets to inform our fellow Scouters that, for the near future, many buildings at the Woodland Trails camp facilities will be temporarily closed as, due to the unexpectedly cold weather affecting the area this winter, the water mains to most of the camp remain frozen.
Elmview Lodge and the Cabooses do still have water, so these bookings will continue to be honoured. The Villages and Tenting sites do not have water but are open for use, so please bring a supply of water as access to any water may be limited. The COSC office will be contacting Scouters who have booked the affected sites to discuss the potential alternative options available, such as rebooking at a later date or accommodation at other Scout camp sites where possible.
We have been informed that the water service should be able to be restored and camp sites reopened as soon as the weather warms up, hopefully by the end of March or early April.

February 2015 Awards and Recognition

During our February Area forum, the following award was presented:

  • Bill Mosher – Certificate of Commendation

Congratulations to Bill!.

To view photos of recognized Scouters, check out our Awards and Recognition page.

Each award presented, and those handed out at individual group nights, were enabled due to the receipt of commendations through the Thanks button. Got someone you would like to thank? Head over to to http://www.scouts.ca/thanks for more information – it’s easier than you might think.

Safety Tip: Head Safety Matters

safetytips-header-enThere has been a lot of discussion recently, both in the media and within Scouts, regarding head safety – in particular with tobogganing. For more information, check out the Safety Tip (Scout Scene 10th Jan) and Safety Week – Day 7 (particular focus on winter safety tips).

In addition to these resources, please also see the video below on concussion – made by Dr Mike as a primer for both kids and parents.


Download (PDF, 652KB)

Canadian Flag Photo Contest


(Reproduced from Scouts Canada: http://www.scouts.ca/ca/canadian-flag-photo-contest)

Photo Contest

Introducing the Canadian Flag Photo Contest! Send us your best pictures of your amazing Scouting adventures with our national flag and have a chance to win fantastic prizes!

What we want to see:

  • Pictures of great, safe outdoor Scouting adventures with the Canadian Flag from 2015. Please don’t pull out your best shots with the flag from the past decade to enter. We want current pictures of youth and Scouters with current haircuts. Granted, this might be a problem for some Scouters…
  • Pictures of people with the flag! Don’t send us pictures of the flag flapping the breeze in front of a sunrise. We want to show off Scouting.
  • Pictures from all Sections! Do your Beaver Scouts get outside? Of course they do! We want to show that Scouting offers great outdoor adventures for all of our members.


We’re looking for pictures of youth, by youth. Members from all of our Sections carry cameras these days, and it’s never too soon to encourage a budding photographer. We will have prizes for each of the following Sections:

  • Beaver Scouts
  • Cub Scouts
  • Scouts
  • Venturer Scouts
  • Rover Scouts


Each category will have one prize pack, including a $100 Scout Shop gift certificate for the submitting photographer, and some sweet gear for his or her Group!

Head to http://www.scouts.ca/ca/canadian-flag-photo-contest to submit your entries

Area Youth Commissioner Needed For Skyline Area


Are you passionate about Scouting, and looking to take on a leadership role? Would you like to become more involved in making decisions that affect Scouts Canada and your local Council?

The Greater Toronto Council Youth Network (GTCYN) is seeking applications for Area Youth Commissioners (AYC) servicing the Scarborough, Skyline, and Alders areas of Toronto.

An AYC is the recognized point of contact on issues of program satisfaction and evaluation between the youth and the Area. The AYC is a catalyst for promoting meaningful youth involvement within their Area and ensuring that Youth initiatives are actively supported and recognized in conjunction with the Group Youth Commissioners (GYCs).

The AYC works as an equal with a volunteer Area Commissioner to manage all aspects of the Area. They are also a member of the Greater Toronto Youth Network and Council Service Team, providing vision for the Scouting movement.

As an Area Youth Commissioner, you (and your Youth Network) are part of a huge group known as the Scouts Canada Youth Network or SCYN!

The SCYN is made up of all the Group and Area Youth Commissioners across Canada, the 20 Council Youth Commissioners, the 3 Assistant National Youth Commissioners (for East, West and Central Canada), the National Youth Commissioner and any other young people who are involved in their Groups, Areas, Councils or even Nationally!

Ideal Qualifications:
The Area Youth Commissioner should be enthusiastic, committed to Scouting, and possess a positive attitude. The Area Youth Commissioner should responsibly have the time available to excel in this role. The Area Youth Commissioner has taken or is willing to take leadership development training.

Recommended Skills:

  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Beneficial Knowledge:

  • Scouts Canada’s Programs and Resources
  • By-laws, Policies and Procedures
  • Scouts Canada’s Mission
  • National Youth Network structure and initiatives

If you are interested in taking on this exciting role, please send an email to grace.lee@scouts.ca with a letter or resume outlining your Scouting experience and the skills you can bring to the AYC role. Please include your name, contact information and current Scout Group. In the subject line of the email, include “AYC Posting: Skyline”.


Camp Wildman

Please be advised that effective immediately the Cahiague Cabin (Large Cabin) at Wildman will be unavailable due to significant repairs required to ensure building safety. The Cabin will be closed until repairs are complete.

Wildman will be open for Groups wishing to use the Adirondack shelters and Camp Sites only.

January 2015 Awards & Recognition

During our January Area forum, the following awards were presented:

  • George Betowski: Certificate of Commendation
  • Rene Bruneau: Certificate of Commendation
  • Andrew Nolan: Warrant of Appointment, Certificate of Commendation
  • Heather Baker: 2 Certificates of Commendation
  • Gary Branning: 2 Certificates of Commendation
  • Ben Luby: 2 Certificates of Commendation
  • Sandy Creber: 2 Certificates of Commendation
  • Scott Goheen: 2 Certificates of Commendation
  • Charlie Ash: 3 Certificates of Commendation
  • Spencer Julien: 3 Certificates of Commendation
  • Patrick Sherlock: Warrant of Appointment, Certificate of Commendation
  • Lisa Murphy: 4 Certificates of Commendation, Bar to the Medal for Good Service
  • Marie Carter: 2 Certificates of Commendation, Bar to the Medal of Merit
  • Rubene De Sousa: 2 Certificates of Commendation, 25 Years of Service, Bar to the Medal of Merit

Congratulations to all. To view pictures taken on the night, check out our Awards and Recognition page.

Each of the above awards, and those handed out at individual group nights, were enabled due to the receipt of commendations through the Thanks button. Got someone you would like to thank? Head over to to http://www.scouts.ca/thanks for more information – it’s easier than you might think.

Successful FLEX/FAST Training Camp

The first FLEX/FAST training camp organized by the Youth Network was a complete success, with bookings reaching capacity a month prior to the event.

A huge thank you to all those that took part, especially the trainers and the people doing the organizing behind the scenes.